“We think that good visuals can emotionally enhance the musical experience of a song in a multi-sensory way and some people say our music is “cineastic“. Maybe it’s because we put a lot of effort into making videos that connect with the mood and ambience of the song. We also really like this kind of artistic collaboration and it feels great to work with creative people to realise this additional dimension to our music, and put the images in our heads on film.”

“The Fox and Rabbit concept was a crucial part in rebooting our project and it helped us distance ourselves from the first incarnation of Flor and the Sea. The whole idea for Dark Minds – our first video since the line-up change – originated from the car chase scene in Radiohead’s Karma Police video. To put a spin on it, we wanted to treat it almost like a classic fable, hence the humanoid animal characters. It’s basically a traditional revenge story: the weaker species gains the upper hand through the use of technology, and the hunter becomes the hunted. After we finished the video, we immediately realised that we were holding a treasure trove that literally begged for further exploration. In fact, Mrs. Fox and Mr. Rabbit advanced to becoming our beloved band-mascots, and we even take them on stage with us for every single live performance.”

“We set Mr. Rabbit on fire* and just filmed the whole thing, but the police car – with flashing lights in the background – was just the happiest of accidents imaginable! A little miracle actually. The masks are handcrafted from paper and with one left for the final shot, it basically was a hit or miss situation. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

“We really love putting hidden messages into our music. It’s a real quest to find the perfect sample where meaning, metric and also the history behind it somehow fit the song. In ‘Reconnect’ we included the first ever spoken words on film taken from The Jazz Singer. “Wait a minute, you ain’t heard nothing yet”, which also hints at the very unexpected turn at the end of that song.”